Over The Sky





(why do people always draw the girls characters LOL the guy characters need some love too! >A<)




These are common questions we get in real life and from our friends so take a look! :D

Q: When did OTS started making?

OTS was actually started in November 2009 with just Jay and Amy. The previous title was just “Jay and Amy”! hehehe,  Ying-Bunny wasn’t a story writer until early December 2009 and we decided to add more characters make up the Nero Family and there’s Over The Sky! :D

Q: You’re so good at drawing! When did you start learning how to draw?

Hahaha thank you! I started drawing manga when I was 11 years old LOL I drew random stuff when I was about 9 years old.

Q: What is Over The Sky about?

It’s about Jay and his mafia family trying to change Jay’s future events from mysteriously disappearing. But OTS turns out to be a one-shot story in each chapter LOL but we’re working on a storyline now. ;)

Q: Can you draw me something?

Pfffttt, I’m sorry but I really have to catch up with my storyboards! And I have too many school work to do…

Q: Who wrote the story?

Ying-bunny. >:D

Q: How did you guys come up with the characters?

Most of them are based on our real life friends  :D yet, they are still fictional.

Q: Are you guys huge k-pop fans?

YES! >:D

Q: What kind of tools do you guys use to make on your manga?

For Ying-bunny, her imagination and writing skills. :) To be more specific, a pen.

For Elleanator (moi), markers and pigment ink pens for coloured work. And storyboards are usually just plain mechanical pencils. Oh yeah, my imagination.

Q: Do you accept fanarts and giftarts?

Of course! If you want to post your fanarts in the website, you can! :D post your drawing on our facebook wall or tweet us in twitter :D - make sure you have your name on it just in case someone steal your work~ (Our facebook and twitter links are in our "About The Creators" section)

Q: How do you guys get inspiration?

From watching movies (including those asian martial art movies since they have the best fighting moves LOL),anime, reading manga and music videos. They are inspirations everywhere! :D But OTS is really based on the famous manga Katekyo Hitman Reborn since it got the concept of “Guardians.”

Q: Will Vincent show up in the future series??

Maybeeeeeee~ ;)

Q: Why you don't colour the manga chapters?

This question always irritates me alot. THIS IS A TRADITIONAL MANGA! Only the prologue pages are coloured and the artworks too. Traditional manga is meant to be black and white. When's the last time you see a manga with colours in every page? And also, colouring can kill my markers and my time to do storyboards. The prologue pages killed my blue markers... so think about our hard work to get you guys entertained. =___='' (for pasta's sake, manga series are not meant to be coloured in every page. if you don't like it, DEAL WITH IT!! sorry about my rant but it really does annoy me.)