Over The Sky



The emblem of the Nero Family

Nero Family's Emblem.

The Nero Family/Main Characters

 Jay Nero 

 Age: 17

 Birthday: 6th November

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: Italian/Japanese

 Flame: Sky

Jay is the Mafia Boss/Sky Guardian of the Nero Family. He was once part of the Bovino Family and its own jazz band which he plays the violin. He is a cheerful and easy-going guy who loves eating pasta and listening to music. Although he can be a coward and a cry-baby sometimes, he is actually aware of his family getting hurt or being in danger and he’ll do anything to protect his family members. The most important thing for him is to never let his family die and he is determined to avoid it. He has a crush on Amy but Amy doesn’t seem to love him back so Jay is trying to make Amy his girlfriend (but he usually fails). Jay is an expert gunman, uses a pistol (model: Nero Type-J XX pistol) as his main weapon for long range and right now he is learning martial arts and related close combat skills from Violet. His Mafia Number is 20 or Venti in Italian.


 Amy Zhang

 Age: 16

 Birthday: 5th May

 Gender: Female

 Nationality: Taiwanese

 Flame: Storm

A smart girl with a strong mind, despite her harsh and short-tempered personality. She is the Storm Guardian of the Nero Family and Jay’s love interest even though Amy doesn’t love him back. Sometimes she has shown a bit of affection to Jay. Amy loves eating white chocolates and her hobbies are meditating and watching Asian dramas. Whenever Amy is pissed off with Jay, she would beat the crap out of Jay without hesitation. Amy is skilled in swordsmanship and Chinese martial arts, and her main weapon is a bokuto (wooden sword). She doesn’t like killing her enemies in one go, she prefers beating them. Even though she’s quite scary in fighting, she is a skilled physician and healer which she can heal the members in any kind of injuries. Her Mafia Number is 19/Diciannove.

 Violetta “Violet” Eden

 Age: 16

 Birthday: 5th September

 Gender: Female

 Nationality: English/Japanese

 Flame: Cloud

She is the Nero Family’s Cloud Guardian and the sole survivor of the Eden Family. Despite being traumatised by that event when the Eden Family was killed, she is shown to have a cold and violent personality. She loves drinking tea, spending her time in a garden and training in the dojo. She usually prefers to be alone but sometimes she likes hanging out with the family. Violet is an expert fighter, trained in Japanese martial arts and learnt a couple of her half-brothers’ brand of Chinese martial arts when she was younger. Her main weapon of choice is dual daggers called Shredders. Right now she is teaching Jay how to fight in order for him to become a worthy mafia boss. She is in love with Rory. Her Mafia Number is 18/Diciotto.

 Rory Newman

 Age: 19

 Birthday: 11th August

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: Russian/Australian (with an English ancestry)

 Flame: Mist

A young man with a caring and warm-hearted personality and a strong sense of protection to the family. Rory is the Mist Guardian of the Nero Family and a powerful illusionist. He was once part of the Australian Army and was the youngest Sergeant of his division. He lost his left eye at an accident when a sharp stick gouged his eye out but luckily was saved by doctors. He received his illusion powers from a ghost named “Skullman” which he defeated it in a battle and took its illusion powers. He loves cute animals and his hobbies are taking naps and reading books. As an ex-soldier, Rory is highly skilled in military martial arts and marksmanship. His weapon of choice is Scythe he received from the Skullman and its quite powerful. Being a illusionist, he can also summon demons and illusion to help him fight his enemies. He is also in love with Violet. His Mafia Number is 17/Diciasette.

 Denzel Sun-Hi

 Age: 18

 Birthday: 20th June

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: Korean/Australian

 Flame: Sun

Denzel is a bright and passionate young man and he is the Sun Guardian of the Nero Family. Denzel is a big fan of K-pop and Korean dramas, usually watches them in his spare time. Not only that, Denzel also enjoys reading manga and watching anime. His hobbies are taking a jog in the streets, exercising and training in the dojo. His motto is to live “to the extreme” and sometimes he would do really crazy things. Despite his hardcore and energetic attiutide, he can be quite childish at some time. Besides that, Denzel is an expert in Taekwondo. His weapon of choice are his hands and feet since his punches and kicks are pretty powerful, and can easily knock out his enemies. From his intense work-out, he is quite muscular and he is the strongest member of the Nero Family. His Mafia Number is 16/Sedici.

 Kenji Arashi

 Age: 15

 Birthday: 15th February

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: Japanese

 Flame: Rain

Kenji is the Rain Guardian of the Nero Family. He is a shy and gentle boy but he can be hardworking when it comes to improving himself. He is the most mature and pure-hearted member in the family, even more mature then the older members. Kenji is very dependent on Jay and considers him as a big brother and a great boss. Not only he depends on Jay, he depends on everyone in the family. He is usually drag into things that he has no idea what’s going on but sometimes he ignores it. His hobbies are playing darts, watching other family members training and practising archery. Kenji is extremely skilled in archery and he can easily get bullseyes especially if his eyes are blindfolded. His weapon of choice is just a simple bow and arrow. His accuracy and range never seem to fail but in close- combat, he’s in trouble. He has a crush on Yuki and Yuki seems to like him too. His Mafia Number is 15/Quindici.

 Tito Gonzalo

 Age: 17

 Birthday: 29th April

 Gender: Male

 Nationality: Italian  

 Flame: Lightning

Tito is the Lightning Guardian of the Nero Family and the family’s technologist. He is a very smart, outgoing and obedient guy, and quite loyal to Jay. Tito was once part of the Bovino Family along with Jay but Tito was in the weapons tuners team. Tito and Jay became best friends during that time. He changed his attitude towards Jay when he became a mafia boss; started calling him “your majesty” despite the fact that Tito is older than Jay. He has shown rivalry relationship with Denzel since they love competing against each other (kinda like a dog and cat relationship). His hobbies are inventing new machines and watching crime drama shows. Tito has no fighting style, usually fights like a brawler but his main weapon of choice is a Taser gun he invented (model: T-50m) which he can extend electricity from 1cm to 50cm. His Mafia number is 14/Quattordici.

 Yuki Koji

 Age: 15

 Birthday: 22nd July

 Gender: Female

 Nationality: Japanese

 Flame: Snow

Yuki is the Snow Guardian and the Outside Advisor of the Nero Family. Whenever Jay is absent or if the family is in crisis, she can serve as the boss, usually for a short period of time. She is the youngest member of the family and another scary girl along with Amy and Violet. She is a happy-go-lucky and sweet girl but she enjoys death-glaring at Jay just to scare him, or even for fun. Yuki was once part of the samurai clan back in Japan but she moved to Australia to study aboard. Her hobbies are playing puzzles/problem-solving games, taking walks in a park and training. Yuki is highly skilled in swordsmanship (Kendo to be more specific) but her older sister, Misaki introduced her to Wing Chun and Judo which she applied to her own set of martial arts. Her weapon of choice is a katana, made and given by her father. Yuki has no idea that Kenji has a crush on her but Yuki seems to like Kenji. Her Mafia number is 13/Tredici.