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Illustrations done by the mangaka of OTS, Elleanator! :D Enjoy having a look at them but please do not steal them~!

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cover for OTS :D the whole nero family + the creators :D another artwork of the whole nero family + creators :3 the official OTS banner art :D based on persona 3/4 cards :D  the nero family girls :D all the characters with a japanese heritage :D sequel to the samurai one ;D

based on the wallpaper of GD&TOP :D based on "The Boys" by SNSD :3 don't they look cute together :3 one of the oldest artwork of OTS just a master and student relationship, folks~ the italian heritage members, jay and tito :D not my best artwork but its alright :) jay just chilling and being badass ;D kenji's first solo artwork :D jay just enjoy listening to music :3 based on the durarara ost cover a happy new's year card :3

badass-ness :D tito's solo artwork :D rory's signature move :D an art request for a friend of mine (or bunny's bro) sequel to roryxviolet :D jay showing his sky flames :3 just a fun t-shirt design :3 for year of the dragon! :D amy's first solo artwork! :D 


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Concept Art