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Bunny and Penguin, together!

Brief History

Over The Sky was orignally created by Elleanator and her close friend Kelly in 5th November 2009 simply as "Jay And Amy". But Kelly decided to leave the story writing position since she wants to make another manga for herself in early December 2009. Around that same time, Ying-Bunny helped Elleanator in storywriting for Over The Sky when Elleanator was thinking of a fight scene in a early OTS storyboard. After that, Ying-Bunny teams up with Elleanator as a manga-creating duo and renamed the manga "Over The Sky". Few months later of making up a new stories and manga chapters, Over The Sky has become popular among their friends and relatives. Together as a duo they are aiming to make Over The Sky famous online and around the world!

About the Writer

The Bunny of the Bunny & Penguin Duo. Ying-Bunny (or also known as “Ying Yee”) is the 17 year old story writer and concept designer from Malaysia but now living in Australia. She has been writing ever since she has a wide range of ideas and imagination. She has the ability to write stories on the spot and usually turns out to be a success for OTS. Yes, that’s right; she can think of stories on the spot and never makes a mistake. As a big fan of Anime, Manga and K-Dramas, her inspiration came from them and sometimes she put some reference in OTS as a parody. Ying-bunny buddied up with her penguin buddy, Elle into a manga-creating duo for OTS. Whenever Ying Yee sees a bunny, she definitely cuddle it like a boss. Ying Yee has a tough school schedule of exams and assignments, so she won’t be making much OTS stories until she has finished her HSC exams. But she has written a lot of stories even Elle haven’t finished some of the storyboards. On her spare time, Ying-Bunny enjoys making jelly, drawing and watching K-pop variety/drama shows. If you never watched a Korean Drama before, watch City Hunter.



About the Artist

The Penguin of the Bunny & Penguin duo. Elleanator (or simply “Elle”) is a 15 year old manga/storyboard artist from Australia who has a love for creativity and enjoys drawing manga since she could first hold a mechanical pencil. Before she started drawing manga, she drew parody comics of Elmo from Sesame Street called “Giant Elmo” with her classmate (particularly just a story about Elmo eating up Elle’s own primary school). She has won a few art awards for her work including putting Over The Sky characters in an art competition. Now Elle buddied up with her bunny buddy, Ying-Bunny and together, they are making Over The Sky series. Beside drawing manga, she also enjoys watching anime and Korean Dramas, listening to Kpop & Kpop dancing, reading manga and playing video games (usually Square Enix games). Elle dreams about that one day she could be a professional manga artist when she's older. She gets her inspiration from a somewhat-beautiful quote: “Follow your dreams and aim for the stars.” – Flying Lawnmower (search it up on youtube called “lawnmowers dream”. Seriosuly, it is the most beautiful thing.)




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JESSICAAAAAAAAAR (mychonny reference)~! Also known as krystal's older sister :D she is so pretty yet such a lazy gurrrrl~

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